Russian Military Police discovers large weapons cache in southern Damascus (Photos)

The Russian Military Police seized a large cache of weapons that were left behind by the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS) in Yarmouk Camp in the southern districts of Damascus city on Monday.
“During a routine patrol in Yarmouk by the Russian military police, a local from Yarmouk gave us information of a possible weapons storage hidden inside a tunnel under a house, we searched the area with help of Syrian security forces and we discovered a large weapons cache in the tunnel.”, Russian military spokesman said.
The seized weapons cache contains a variety of weapons including landmines, IEDs, mortar shells, missile launchers, hell cannons and large amount of ammunition.
Following Yarmouk camp liberation by the Syrian Army and allies in 2018, large amount of tunnels were discovered across the district where ISIS terrorists dug a large web of tunnels that strech for miles under southern Damascus.
The Yarmouk camp which once hosted over 100,000 people, was captured by ISIS terrorists in 2015. Now the camp hosts about 500 people since its liberation.


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