ISIS attempts prison break in northern Syria

Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists held at a detention centre in northern Syria made an attempted prison break on Friday. The situation was brought under control by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with the assistance of global US led Coalition partners.
The jihadists failed in their attempt to break out of the detention centre in Derik, Hasakah Province. Security forces had surrounded the building and were on the roof, a field source said.
All the ISIS detainees were accounted for and there were no casualties, coalition spokesperson Col. Scott Rawlinson said on Saturday, AP reported.
The SDF “peacefully” dealt with the incident and coalition jets monitored from the air, Rawlinson said.
The SDF is holding thousands of ISIS members – including more than 1,000 foreign fighters. The Kurdish administration of the autonomous northern Syrian region has repeatedly said it needs international assistance to carry the “burden”.
Iraqi ISIS members and a dozen French nationals have been handed over to Baghdad to face trial.
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the defeat of the ISIS “caliphate” last month. The group remains a threat however, as some 14,000 to 18,000 militants are estimated to remain at large across Iraq and Syria.