Syrian Army starts a military operation against US-backed SDF forces in southern Raqqa – Reports

The Syrian Arab Army supported by Russian air force has started a surprise military operation against US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in south-western Raqqa countryside.
According to Arabic Sputnik News Agency, the Syrian troops under cover of the Russian Air Force stormed SDF-held areas south-west of Tabqa city in south-western Raqqa countryside, the Syrian military units managed to advance 3km amid the retreat of US-backed SDF forces from the area.
The source added that the army captured all military positions belong to SDF between Jaedeen all the way toward Shaeb al-Zoker in southern Tabqa countryside.
At the same time, heavy presence of the US-led coalition warplanes spotted flying over the area while doing fake raids without striking anything until this moment.
More details to follow soon……..
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