Breaking: ISIS attacks the Syrian army in central Syria

The Islamic State (ISIS) fighters have launched a major attack against the Syrian army units stationed in eastern Homs countryside this afternoon, field sources said.
According to sources, ISIS attacked the army checkpoints on the outskirts of al-Kawm town north of Sukhnah city in eastern Homs countryside, the attack started at sunset where heavy clashes lasted more than 3 hours before ISIS retreated from the area.
ISIS claimed they killed more than 15 soldiers including 4 officers in the attack, also they said they destroyed two vehicles and seized two pickup cars as well as large amount of weapons.
Despite the United States declaration of full defeat of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, hundreds of ISIS terrorists remain in the Syrian desert taking shelter in caves and mountains while launching attacks against the Syrian army and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in bid to regroup and regain strength.