New amendments to the law of hand touch in football

The International Football Association (FIFA) announced a series of amendments to the Football Act at the meeting in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The amendments are as follows:

-For the touch of the hand, in case of unintentional error can be calculated, for example; score a goal directly from a hand or arm touch (even if it is not deliberately) and that the player to register or create an opportunity to register, after getting the ball by hand or arm inadvertently can not be allowed.

-For the replacement of the player, the substituted player must leave the field from the nearest point of the pitch.

-Publicize yellow and red cards for misconduct by team officials.

-The ball should not be left in the penalty area in the goal kick and constant kicks for the defender team inside the box.

-Take action for players who create problems for the human wall.

-Change the dropping method, and let the ball play in some situations when the ball touches the referee.

-The goalkeeper is required to put one foot on the line in the penalty shootout.

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