MoD .. 300 dead people unearthed in mass grave near Jordan border

The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in a breaking statement that it has discovered a mass grave contains 300 graves via satellite imagery, near Al-Rukban refugee camp in southern Syria.
The Russian mod announced that the satellites detected the tragic conditions in which the inhabitants of the Al-Rukban camp live.
“Most of the buildings in the camp are temporary and unsuitable to live in winter, forcing some refugees to live under the sheds,” the ministry said.
“The al-Rukban camp is surrounded by a mud wall and a fence that helps the US-backed local armed factions to prevent the residents of the camp from leaving,” the ministry said.
“The US-backed factions operating in the Al-Tanf area, forcibly detain refugees who want to leave the camp and demand to pay exorbitant US dollars in exchange for leaving the camp.”
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