A 20-year old man reportedly dies due to PUBG video game

Reports come from India suggest that a 20-year-old youth died after complaining about severe neck pain, caused by reportedly playing the popular mobile game PUBG constantly for over 45 days.
The news has been sourced from a local media outlet called thehansIndia and there’s not much being said about the man, who was taken to hospital, where he succumbed to his physical condition.
The deceased man hailed from the Telangana region, and was known to be playing PUBG Mobile for long hours.
The game has faced the wrath of authorities and concerned parents who have called for the government to ban the game. The authorities having stayed out of the matter for a long time have recently started issuing notifications and even imposing bans on the game.
This is not the only report of PUBG causing havoc in the lives of people. According to another report, a 15-year-old boy has been missing since March 11 after he left home. The boy’s father accused the multiplayer online game of ‘brainwashing’ his child into leaving home.
PUBG addiction has emerged as a major issue, with parents as well as authorities calling for a ban on the game.