US Magazine: Syria's S-300 Pose A Serious Threat To Israel

US magazine says satellite images confirmed that Syria’s S-300 missile system is ready to confront Israel, saying it poses a serious threat to the Israeli air force.

According to the National Interest magazine, the images taken by the Israeli Eros-B satellite indicate that the S-300 surface-to-air missile launchers erected in Syria, have been handed over combat missions a few days ago.

The article says that “Russia took so long to deploy these systems” not only because Syrian servicemen had to be trained how to operate the S-300s but also due to “Moscow’s strategic caution”.

“Russian strategic command may have hoped to deter further Israeli airstrikes with the threat of inactive S-300’s being stockpiled in Syria, without having to take the added escalatory risk of deploying them,” the magazine noted.

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“These hopes were dashed after the recent wave of Israeli airstrikes, which might have been ‘final straw’ that prompted Moscow to deploy the S-300 systems in Syria”. The magazine says.

The magazine went on to note that the S-300 batteries may become a potential threat to Israeli aircraft “operating within western Syrian airspace where the Syrian government forces are heavily concentrated”

Russia decided to supply S-300 system after Moscow accused Israel of indirectly causing the downing of the Russian IL-20 Surveillance plane, which was shot down on September 17 over the Mediterranean Sea by a missile mistakenly fired by Syrian forces from the S-200 during the Israeli air strike, the incident killed 15 Russian servicemen.