Syrian Army continues operations against ISIS in Badiya region

Units of the Syrian Arab Army continued operations against ISIS terrorists in the vast Badiya region of southeast Syria, hitting several targets within the ISIS-controlled areas.

Syrian Army units carried out on Friday intensive artillery and rocket attacks on terrorists’ hideouts in the Badiya region, which resulted in destroying several of the terrorists’ positions.

In Hama, Syrian Arab Army units carried out on Friday rocket strikes against positions for terrorists of  “Turkistan Party” and “Jabhat al-Nusra” in al-Tweina and al-Hweiz villages in the eastern surroundings of al-Ghab plain, inflicting losses upon them, according to SANA agency.

In addition, the Syrian Arab Army units eliminated terrorist groups linked to “Al-Izzeh Battalions” that attempted to sneak from the direction of Wadi al-Dawrat, east of Latamina town, towards the military points in Hama northern countryside.

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