In Video : Putin announces the development of Russia's new strategic bomber TU-160

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that Russia has completed the development of the supersonic, heavy strategic bomber TU-160, and that the new weapon was ready to enter service in the country’s army.

“We have just implemented a brilliant project in Kazan: we have essentially created a new machine, the Tu-160 supersonic strategic bomber , for the Armed Forces.” Putin said at a meeting with the public in Kazan City on Tuesday.

“We have adjusted not only the carrier itself, but also the weapons for it. Everything runs like clockwork, which is excellent,” Putin added in a statement in Kazan City.

“And now Russia should seek to build a commercial supersonic aircraft,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

The TU-160, also known as the White Swan, is the largest and heaviest supersonic aircraft with variable-sweep wing and the largest and heaviest combat aircraft ever flown.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced in 2018 that the Kazan Aviation Plant began production of the new generation of strategic “TU-160” bombers.

The next generation of these bombers, according to the ministry, will carry the name “TU-160 M2M”, which will be more effective than the existing versions of 60%, and will be equipped with modern radars and high-precision guidance systems, and will be covered with special materials to make them invisible to enemy radar.

The current TU-160 bombers can fly more than 8,000 kilometers and transport 40 tons of miscellaneous ammunition such as X 101 and X 555 cruise missiles, and various types of guided and cluster bombs and guided missiles with nuclear warheads.