Russian Su-27 fighter jet intercepts NATO jet (VIDEO)

A NATO jet was tracked by a Russian Su-27 fighter, when it approached a Russian military plane during maneuvers of the Russian space air force over one of the North Seas.

The step taken by the Russian “Su-27” pilot is logical and falls within the instructions and orders entrusted to him in the protection of planes, including protection from air missiles, hostile aircraft and ground missiles, even exposing his jet to the enemy missile if unable to down it.

The published video is evidence of the dedication of the Russian fighter pilots to protect the planes assigned to them at any cost.

Read More : WATCH: Russian Su-34 fighter jet fires Kh-35 missile at terrorist positions in Syria

It is not the first time a Russian fighter intercepts a western plane. However, video owners have not indicated where and when the “Su-27” intercepted the NATO jet fighter.


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