Israel reveals the alleged "killer" of the "S-300" – VIDEO

The Israeli company “IAI” revealed a new loitering munition called “Mini Harpy” during “Aero India” defense exhibition. Some media have called it the “killer” of Russian air defense systems S-300 and S-400.

The Mini Harpy weighs about 45 kg and its warhead weighs 8 kg and has a range of 100 km.

There is little information about the aircraft itself, since the manufacturer only provided animations.

A company video shows the weapon being launched from a 10 round canister mounted on a truck similar to the S-300 and S-400 Systems.

Konstantin Sivkov, a military specialist and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Sputnik that Israel’s declaration of the Mini Harpy, allegedly capable of destroying Russian air defense systems S-300 and S-400, is nothing more than a promotion. Because the aircraft alone will not be able to destroy the system, and will be intercepted before reaching its target.

The expert noted that the Israeli aircraft has a low flight path, which leads to loss of control from the ground control center. Sivkov predicted that the aircraft would not be faster than the speed of sound.