Iran unveils cruise missile-equipped submarine (VIDEO+PHOTO)

Iran unveiled on Sunday (February 17th) a new domestically manufactured submarine, capable of firing cruise missiles.

The Iranian submarine fleet is the fourth largest fleet of submarines in the world, according to the “Global Fair Poor” US site.

The most important submarines in the Iranian fleet are the Russian diesel-powered “Kilo” submarine, in addition to other types such as “Ghadir” submarine.

The 600-tonne “Fateh” submarine launched on Sunday is equipped with torpedoes and naval mines, and can operate more than 200m below sea level for up to five weeks.

Fateh submarine has underwater speed of 11 knots (20.35 km/h) and is capable of travelling submerged at 14 knots (25.9km/h).

Although submarines are the most dangerous naval weapon owned by fleets, they work in combination with the other weapons, owned by the Iranian fleet, which consists of 398 marine pieces, including 33 submarines, according to the “Global Fair Poor” US site.