French travel company announces flights to Syria

The French travel company “klio” is planning to organize several tourist trips to Syria, the first of which will be next April, amid warnings from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to hold the company responsible for any malpractice to French citizens.

The company’s deputy general manager Jean Pierre Rispo was quoted as saying that the first tour group was completed and 20 tourists will visit Syria in April 2019.

Rispo noted that the trip will be 10 days within the safe areas such as the cities of Damascus, Latakia, Palmyra and al-Hosn Castle in Homs province, and Maalola near Damascus, followed by another five trips in the fall at a cost of 3,000 euros.

About 2 million Arabs and foreigners are expected to visit Syria in 2019, with about 1.3 million visitors in 2017, of which 200,000 are tourists, according to former Tourism Minister Bishar Yazji.

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