Syrian air defences downed Israeli SPICE bomb ( Pictures )

Syrian social media circulated pictures of remains of an Israeli object destroyed by Syrian air defences during the last Israeli attack.
Mohammed Saleh Alftayeh, a Syrian military expert, informed Muraselon that the remains belong to a SPICE 1000 bomb, an Israeli guided 1000lb bomb. The bomb was shot down by Syrian air defences.
The expert explained that the circulated pictured do indeed belong to that type of Israeli bombs, explaining that the first picture (below) belongs to the Israeli MK-83 bomb, an old dumb bomb, which Israel modernised by adding a guidance kit.

The remaining pictures are of the guidance kit, which are added to the front, end, and under the bomb to make up the SPICE 1000 bomb which can be guided optically, via satellites, or via GPS.

The Syrian Arab Army found the remains of this bomb in Qatana, south west of Damascus, two days after the Syrian air defences shot down more than 30 Israeli missiles and bombs, according to the statement of the Russian defence ministry.
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SPICE 1000 bomb