Largest commercial project to link Syria and Iran by railway

The Syrian Ministry of Transport announced a plan to develop rail link between Syria and neighboring countries to Iran and East Asia, noting that the project is currently under study with the countries concerned

The Syrian daily newspaper Tishreen quoted the Syrian Ministry of Transport as saying that work is continuing to complete the “Syrian ports – Homs – Basra – al-Tanf – Ramadi – Basra – Umm Qasr port” rail link project to Iran and East Asia, with a 1420 km long railway line, currently under study.

The ministry added that it has developed a plan to develop rail links with neighboring countries through the study of the development of the rail link from Tartous port to phosphate mines in the region of Khanifis and al-Sharqia for the transport and export of phosphate.

The public sector has been contracted to implement the rail link and 50% of it will be implemented through the available cadres in the Ministry of Transport, according to the newspaper.

The idea was put forward years ago, as Syria and Iran has been expressing their willingness to build a railway connecting the two countries, along with Iraq, in an attempt to counter the western sanctions on Iran and boost economic cooperation.

Worth to note that the Syrian war, which lasted for 8 years, caused extensive damage to railway lines due to battles and thefts, with a total loss of 500 billion Syrian pounds.