Syrian Air Defense downs Israeli missiles south of Damascus

Field sources informed Muraselon that the Syrian Air Defense successfully thwarted several hostile missiles in southern region of Syria.
Syrian State TV announced that some 29 rockets breaching Syrian airspace from Lebanese territory were destroyed. A military source later conferred that at 01:10 A.M. Monday morning, 21st of this month, the Israelis carried out a dense ground and air attack over several waves. The Syrian Air Defense destroyed most of the hostile targets.
This aggression comes after the Israelis failed to strike their targets Sunday morning on Damascus Airport when SyAAD downed 7 rockets.
This attack is considered the second Israeli attack in a few days. The losses were confined to material damages in one of the airport’s storage facilities.
Notably, Israel has launched many airstrikes against military targets in Syria it had claimed belonged to Hezbollah and Iran.

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