Iran reveals the arrival of a new weapon to Lebanon and Gaza

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani revealed that the resistance in Lebanon and Gaza has received a new high-precision weapon.

“The high-precision missiles are in the hands of the resistance in Lebanon and Gaza to respond to any folly perpetrated by Israel,” the secretary of the Iranian National Security Council said in a press statement Tuesday.

Shamkhani said that the Israeli prime minister’s talk about the tunnels was propaganda to divert attention from the economic and moral corruption in his government. He added “The discovery of hundreds of kilometers of tunnels under the feet of the Zionists is a major scandal for the Zionist security establishment.”

The Iranian official accused Western and Israeli media of stirring up an atmosphere to link the Iranian space program to the enhancement of missile capabilities, considering that “giving wrong addresses to divert the attention of world public opinion”.

Last December, Israel launched “North Shield” operation to “uncover and destroy the tunnels dug by Hezbollah” along its border with Lebanon, where it said Hezbollah planned to use them in any future conflict.

The Deputy Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Brigadier General “Hussein Salami”, said on Monday that Iran’s strategy is to wipe out the “Zionist regime” from the political map if it takes any action to wage war.

The head of Iran’s air force, Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh, warned last week that Iran is ready to confront and eliminate Israel, he said : “Our future generations are learning required know-how for the promised day to destroy Israel”, this speech come after Israeli statements about air raids on Iranian targets inside Syria.

Worth to note that Israel has repeatedly carried out numerous air strikes against sites in Syria in recent years, claiming they belonged “Hezbollah and Iran”.