US military prepares to create ‘super-soldiers’ – they’ll deploy sooner than you think

The US military has made a decisive and possibly revolutionary decision to begin development, production and acquisition of human exoskeleton equipment for front-line infantry in order to turn its ordinary troops into ‘super-soldiers’.

The exoskeleton equipment sough after by the US military is by no means experimental, being already proven technology for assisting physically disabled people. The kind of exo-suit needed meet the requirement of US ground forces is already not all to different from commercially-sold versions.

The basic specification is for a battery-powered, slim-fitting exo-suit to give troops greater strength and stamina on the battlefield as well as to integrate built-in electronic devices that enhance communication and tactical awareness.

With such suits, soldiers will be able to carry more equipment for longer periods of time whilst reducing overall physical fatigue. Furthermore, their ability to receive and transmit relevant tactical information will increase and become simpler, allowing them to make critical decisions quicker and with more assurances.

Naturally the US Army is customer, having already awarded a 6.9 million dollar, two-year, sole-source contract to Lockheed Martin who already has experience in producing commercially-available exoskeleton designs.


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