Following UAE, Bahrain to reopen embassy in Damascus

Diplomatic sources told Sputnik that the Bahrain embassy in Damascus will reopen next week.

The Syrian diplomatic field is expected to witness major developments during the coming period, reflected by the successive return of Arab and foreign embassies to the capital Damascus after years of estrangement.

Arab diplomatic sources in Damascus told Sputnik that the Bahrain embassy would resume its activities next week. Sources suggested that the time would not be long before opening embassies of other countries in the coming months.

On Thursday, the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Damascus opened five years after the withdrawal of ambassadors from both countries.

The Iraqi ambassador in Damascus, Sa’ad Mohammad Reda, called on all Arab countries to follow the example of the UAE. He said in a statement to Sputnik: “Syria is an important country and enjoys a strategic location in the heart of the Arab world.

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