Saudi and UAE forces roam northern Syria to back SDF – Report

Media sources and activists said that forces from the UAE and Saudi Arabia toured with the US-led coalition forces in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) areas in northern Syria.

The Arabian forces visited several military positions of the International Coalition in the villages of Al-Atto, Zawar Maghar, and Sheikh Tahtani, as well as the vicinity of Manbj in the north-eastern Aleppo countryside.

Opposition website said that the roaming forces met local Arab leaders affiliated with SDF in an effort to form and train groups in the area.

Saudi-Emirati delegation met late last November with officials in the (SDF) to discuss logistical support, while the Saudi Embassy in Turkey denied the reports.

The Turkish newspaper “Yeni Shafak”, revealed previously that Saudi Arabia and the UAE had sent military forces towards SDF-held territories in eastern Euphrates, noting that it was occurred under US cover in a parallel with Turkish forces preparations to launch an expanded military operation with the Syrian rebels.

Kurdish website quoted a source in SDF as saying that “Soldiers and heavy vehicles belonging to the Arabian gulf are fighting alongside the forces of “Democratic Syria” in the countryside of Deir al-Zur east of the Euphrates.”

SDF, which enjoys US support, controls large swathes of northern and northeastern Syria after the Da’ash organization has been expelled and Kurdish self-government runs its affairs.