Russia re-deploys Ukrainian warships captured during Kerch Strait clash – report

According to some sources, two of the three Ukrainian warships captured by Russia during a naval clash in the strategic Kerch Strait area almost two weeks ago have recently been re-deployed.

The sources, claiming to be linked to the Ukrainian military, stated that the two Gyurza-M-class “armored artillery” warships that Russian forces disabled and then captured on 25 November have since been moved from their original port of detainment to a new unknown location somewhere in the Azov Sea.

The fate of the third Ukrainian ship, a military tugboat, seized by Russian security forces after being rammed remains unknown.

Following the Kerch Strait incident, both Moscow and Kiev continue to throw serious accusations at one another – the latter in particular claiming that Russia has now deployed near one hundred thousand troops on its western border with Ukraine and may be contemplating an operation to conquer the entire Azov Sea coast.

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Known Ukrainian moves since the clash, however, appear to be more dangerous than alleged Russian moves with many of Ukraine’s eastern and southern districts now existing under a state of martial law and with the armed forces of the country now calling up reservists.