Putin assesses US Tomahawk missiles effectiveness in Syria and Iraq

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced at meeting of the Defense Ministry leadership that the US “Tomahawk” missiles are 30% effective in Syria and Iraq.

“Tomahawk missiles have become obsolete – this is a fact between their use in Iraq and Syria according to our military experts, and according to your data, they are 30% effective, and of course they need to be updated, while American air missiles are slightly better,” Putin said at the meeting.

The operations of the US-led coalition in Syria and Iraq continue against the “Da’ash” organization since 2014. In Syria, operations are carried out without the approval of the country’s official authorities.

Worth-mention that the US ships stationed in the Mediterranean launched 59 such rockets at the Syrian Al-Shu’arat airbase on 6 April last year.

The Tomahawk missile is one of the most widely common missiles used by the US military in recent wars, especially in the Middle East.

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