Israel launches “Northern Shield” operation capturing large Hezbollah tunnel [pictures]

The Israeli army forces managed to discover a tunnel for the Lebanese “Hezbollah” movement, noon today, during its latest military operation “The Northern Shield” in northern the Occupied Palestine.


Israeli forces located in front of the Lebanese Hezbollah group discovered a tunnel near the Israeli-Lebanese border,” General Ofer Gendelman, a spokesman for the prime minister’s office, said Tuesday.


Netanyahu’s spokesman explained that the tunnel is 200 meters long (40 meters inside Israeli territory) and 25 meters deep, is now neutralized and demolished.

According to the IDF, the aim of “Northern Shield” operation is to search for cross-border tunnels in the north of the country that Hezbollah might use in its future confrontation against Israel.

In response, the Lebanese military said – in a statement – that “Even the fact that the Israeli military launching its “Northern Shield” operation to detect alleged tunnels along the southern borders of Lebanon, the army’s command confirms that the situation on the Lebanese side calm and stable, and is closely monitored.”

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