Iran unveils new naval defense system [VIDEO]

The Iranian Navy Commander Admiral Hussein Khansadi revealed a new defense system that joined the Iranian naval defense systems mounted on the destroyers.

According to the Iranian Fars News Agency, Admiral Hussein Khanzadi said that the “Kamend” defense system was installed on the new destroyer of “Sahand” that manufactured locally, which joined the Navy recently.

“This system is capable of firing four to seven thousand missiles per minute automatically and can hit targets at a height or distance of 4 kilometers,” said Khanzadi.

He added that the news naval defense system can target cruise missiles, aircraft and enemy ships.

“The destroyer will join the Iranian Navy recently,” he said. “This destroyer will be deployed to the Indian Ocean for a week and will carry out the task of enhancing maritime security and will participate in various maneuvers and missions.”

He pointed out that the “Sahand” was equipped with sophisticated equipment and unique and produced in several Iranian cities, and was acquired this advanced technology in cooperation with the university and industrial sectors in the country.

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