Israel reveals for the first time how Hezbollah ambushed Israeli Defense Forces in Lebanon

After 12 years, Israel revealed a powerful military operation carried out by Hezbollah fighters against the elite forces “Shetit 13” in the Israeli Defense Forces “IDF” in Lebanon.

The media center of “Hezbollah”, quoting a report published by the Israeli “Walah” website, said that Tel Aviv has once again recognized one of its failed operations in Lebanon, that resulted in killing and wounding dozens of soldiers in The southern city of Tyre, during the July 2006 war.

The details of the military operation were revealed in the report, When The commando unit, “Shetit 13,” consisting of 92 soldiers, went to Tyre at night in July 2006 to arrest a senior leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

When the Israeli unit arrived near Hezbollah leader house in Tire, the unit was swiftly ambushed by Hezbollah, and the party’s fighters were able – surprisingly – to kill and injure dozens of Israeli units.

Following fierce firefights, the Israeli Defense Forces withdrew towards Tyre as two Israeli helicopters evacuated the military unit.

Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz, who approved the operation, commented that it was very complicated and not a tactical operation but it was strategically-important.

In 2006, Lebanon witnessed an Israeli aggression began on the morning of July 12 and lasted for 34 days, killing more than 1200, causing large destruction in buildings and public facilities that never seen in Lebanon since the 1975 civil war.


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