Hebrew website reveals: “Israel” attacked Syria in two stages for this reason

An Israeli website quoting US sources said that the Israel air raids targeted military sites in Syria on Tuesday evening, carried out on two waves and for a period of time lasted 90 minutes.

The DEBKA website said that that the first raid was conducted by F-16 Sufa fighter jets, and bombed the Syrian targets with Delilah missiles.

The website added that the “Israel army” organized – after the failure of the first attack – a second wave of air raids and bombing using modern F-35 Adir fighter jets.

According to the Israeli website, the target of the Israeli raids was the positions of the Syrian Arab Army, not Hezbollah and Iranian forces, as reported by Syrian and Israeli media.

The “Newsweek” quoted a source in the US Department of Defense, that the raids aimed to assassinate officials of the “Hezbollah” who were injured as a result of the airstrikes, minutes after boarding an Iranian aircraft in Damascus that was destined for Iran, which denies by all sources Syrian and Russian.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the use of Israeli aircraft 16 missiles, the Syrian air defenses intercepted 14 of them.

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