Daraa: Unknown assailants hunt down and kill reconciled rebels amid state of caution

Unknown assailants in the province of Daraa begin hunt down operations against ex-rebels who approved a reconciliation agreement with the Syrian government few months ago.

the targeting continues against former members and leaders of the factions who chose “reconciliation and settlement” in Daraa Province“. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR reported.

The SOHR reported shooting incident targeted a former commander of rebel division in Tafas town in the countryside of Daraa in an attempt to assassinate him. However, he managed to survive.

Also, the SOHR reported an assassination operation carried out by Unknown fighters against former leader in the “Jaish Al-Thawra” Army of revolution, by shooting him in Muzayrib area which borders Jordan.

“An explosion was heard in the eastern Karak area in the eastern countryside of Deraa. conflicting sources told SOHR that it was caused by a grenade thrown by an unknown armed man at a checkpoint belonging to the Syrian security forces.” The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on 5 December .

Moreover, The Syrian Observatory reported that two people died on Wednesday, 24 October, while 6 others injured, as a result of landmine explosion in the government-held area of Al-Taiha in northern Daraa.

In past July, the Syrian government troops with the backing of the Russian air-forces succeeded in liberating the remainder of the ISIL-held pocket in the Yarmouk Basin, announcing full control over the southern province.

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