US-backed forces launch swift counter-offensive against ISIS in eastern Syria (Video)

After being driven from the small Euphrates town of Al-Bahra by a furious ISIS onslaught several days ago, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have since recovered and launched a swift counter-attack under the protection of Coalition air-power.

Mostly due to the invaluable support of US-led Coalition airstrikes, the SDF managed to claim back Al-Bahra and has now reportedly recaptured all positions lost to ISIS north of Hajin (the terrorist group’s main stronghold) in the last week .

Although unconfirmed, it is believed additional Kurdish YPG units (which are usually better experienced and equipped) as well as Christian Assyrian units where called in from other SDF-controlled areas of Syria in order to partake in the counter-attack.


(Video report by Mohammad Hassan / RT)

Battles along the eastern shore of the Euphrates River aside, the US-backed SDF still remains highly vulnerable to ISIS raids against its forward bases and rallying areas near the Al-Omar oilfields in the Syrian Desert.

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Here the terrorist group has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to seemingly appear out of nowhere (usually with the help of overcast weather or a dust storm) and overrun key SDF positions within a matter of minutes.


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