There is no ISIS in Syria – Turkish President Erdogan !

The ISIS terrorist group no longer exists in Syria according to Turkish President Tayyip Recap Erdogan; instead, the Turkish leader insisted, there are only “small gangs” pretending to be ISIS.

The stunning statement was delivered by the Turkish President before fellow AKP members during a parliament session on Tuesday.

Expanding on his theory that ISIS in Syria was nothing more that “small gangs” mimicking the terrorist group, Erdogan added that these gangs were “trained and equipped to create chaos in the country [Syria] and the region”.

Despite the Turkish leader’s claim, the existence of ISIS in Syria is as obviously factual as the existence of gravity on Earth. Both the Syrian Army and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces deal with this reality on a daily basis.

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It is yet to be seen what the motive was for this blatant fallacy is. It is worth mentioning that some Syrian conflict observers are convinced that Erdogan may need to spin such a narrative in order to justify a major Turkish operation against US-backed forces in northeastern Syria given that such a campaign would invaluably assist ISIS remnants now struggling to maintain their final stronghold in Deir ez-Zour province.

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