BREAKING MAP : Syrian Army fully liberates Al-Safa area from ISIS .

After several days of intense battle across the Al-Safa volcanic field in southern Syria, the Syrian Army has managed to completely liberate the region from ISIS terrorists.

The spearhead force of the government operation was the elite 4th Mechanized Division, backed up heavy artillery and air support; other pro-government factions including Druze groups and ex-rebel groups also played a key role in the operation.

Since the battle for Al-Safa commenced almost four months ago hundreds of terrorist fighters have been killed; the Syrian Army too has suffered losses that run into hundreds.

For ISIS, the beginning of the end came after the Syrian Army managed to capture the highest hills in the Al-Safa area, giving them fire control over the remaining territory held by the terrorist group further to the south.

Preliminary reports indicated that all resisting ISIS elements have been neutralized with the possibility that some fighters escaped eastwards into the desert.

The Syrian Army is currently de-mining the recently captured areas as part of a general clearing operation.



الجنوب السوري مع منطقة تلول الصفا محررة من الإرهاب ( خريطة موقع مراسلون )
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