Syria, Hezbollah develop electronic warfare weapons to block Israeli air attacks – report

The Syrian forces and Hezbollah are developing electronic warfare weapons in order to deny the Israeli air attacks the means by which to deliver GPS-guided air-launched munitions against targets in Syria and Lebanon according to Israel’s Channel 2 news service

The report – citing Israeli military officials – claims that not only is Israel aware of these alleged attempts by the Syrian military and Hezbollah to develop GPS (Global Positioning System) signal blocking weapons for denying Israeli air attacks , but that Israel is already developing a counter to such systems

Part of this process, the report states, is an exercise recently conducted by the Israeli military to study the effects of GPS-jamming by a would-be adversary on its forces during an operation.

For a modern air force such as Israel’s, GPS-guided munitions are key to striking targets at long range with both high-precision and with minimum risk to pilots and aircraft involved in such an attack. Other guidance techniques, namely laser-designation, require an aircraft to get closer to the target (increasing its risk of coming under fire) and can be hampered by bad weather conditions.

The Israel government and military recently stated that Israeli forces intend to continue conducting operations in Syria despite recent setbacks in regards to Russian air denial and the delivery of advanced S-300 air defense systems to the Syrian military.

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