New satellite photo shows the preperation of S-300 in Syria

A satellite image has appeared over semi-official information outlets which reportedly shows a battery of four Syrian S-300 systems in the Masyaf area of Syria’s Hama province as of the 13th of November 2018.

The picture, originally released by Imagesatintl (iSi), shows what appears to be four S-300 launchers, an S-300 radar, other equipment and “mobile structures” related to the S-300’s deployment, some of which is camouflaged for the obvious purposes of security.

Picture analysis conducted by iSi concludes that the particular set of S_300 units shown in the image are not operational (i.e. not ready to engage air targets).

Syria has received at least 24 S_300 units (in three divisions) from Russia via an emergency reinforcement effort that began almost two months ago.

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Russia claims the version it provided to the Syrian military is fully upgraded and capable of detecting even so-called ‘stealth’ fighters such as the F-35.

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