Russia blocks Ukrainian ships from entering Kerch Strait

Reports, still not fully confirmed, have emerged hinting that Russia has blocked the entry of all Ukrainian ships into the Kerch Strait following a clash between Russian forces and Ukrainian military vessels inside the strategic seaway on Sunday.

If true then the move by Moscow is a clear sign that it has lost trust in Kiev’s claimed neutral intentions for wanting access to the Sea of Azov.

It is also unclear, again if the reports are true, how long Russia’s total blockade will be imposed for given that Russian forces may just want some time to develop a new sea-air security scheme for the seaway before reopening it to Ukrainian shipping.

Since the incident on Sunday, large part of Ukraine have been placed under martial law which, for now, is to remain in effect for at least two months.

Kiev’s Western allies have also reacted to Sunday’s clash, mostly in the form of rhetoric, but there are reports that some European Union states may want to impose sanctions on Russia for the events that took place.

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