Jeffrey : US will always hate Assad, but “regime change” in Syria is not a goal

According to US Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey speaking to RIA Novosti and Kommersant, the US will never be on good terms with the Syrian government so long as Bashar al-Assad in power.

In the same breath, however, Jeffery said that the US does not seek regime-change nor does it seek to comprise Syrian territorial integrity through balkanization.

Expanding on his response to existing accusations that the US is trying to divide Syria through its military involvement in the country’s ongoing conflict, Jeffery insisted that America forces were only present in Syria to combat terrorist groups.

“The United States has supported the territorial integrity of Syria at every point in this conflict and before, and we will continue to do so”, he clarified.

Jeffrey concluded that it is the choice of the Syrian people as to who leads them and here the US, whilst not committed ti regime change, is “committed to a change in the behavior of that regime”.

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