ISIS pummeled by Syrian Army rocket in southern Syria -Video

The Syrian Army is bringing to bear some of its heaviest and most destructive weaponry amid the ongoing operation to clear ISIS terrorists from the Al-Safa volcanic region in southern Syria.

Among the vast array of conventional fire support weapons (field guns, howitzers, mortars, tanks, etc …) being deployed by the Syrian Army is the ‘Gulan’ improvised rocket-assisted munition (IRAM) which delivers a great high-explosive punch with incredible suppression effect.

As a locally-produced weapon, the Syrian Army deploys several models of the ‘Gulan’ system – the largest of which (the 1000 model) packs a yield comparable to a conventional 500-pound bomb.

The Gulan system is used in mass bombardment attacks aimed at saturating enemy defenses; the characteristic screech of the munition’s firing has led to it being nicknamed the ‘elephant rocket.’

Recently, the Syrian Army and allied forces snatched the remaining Druze hostages that were held by ISIS in Al-Safa. Since then, slow but steady progress has been made towards physically clearing the remaining areas of the region still under the terrorist group’s control.

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