ISIS sets 7 US soldiers free following deal with SDF in Syria – Report

The Turkish state agency of Anadolu wrote a report revealing a deal between the Kurdish fighters [SDF] and the terrorist organization of ISIS, according to which seven US soldiers held by the organization in Syria were released.

“The seven soldiers were captured during clashes with ISIL last September in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour,” the agency said, quoting local sources in the embattled province on Monday.

The sources added that “Daash” captured part of the seven soldiers in attacks on the oilfields of “Al-Omar” and “Al-Tanak”, as the rest in an attack on main stronghold of Hajjin.

According to the sources, negotiations took place on 28 September between “Daesh” and “PKK”, after mediation from local agents to release the US soldiers.

Nevertheless, Da’ash asked PKK to withdraw from “Be’ir Azraq” oilfield and a number of other fields to allow the entry of food and medical supplies to the town of Sha’afa, in exchange for releasing the US soldiers.

However, Washington did not comment on the situation of ISIS detaining US soldiers, and the circumstances of the issue.