First images of freed Sweida hostages in hands of Syrian Army [VIDEO]

The first video footage of the freed Sweida hostages including women and kids has been released by the Syrian state Al-Ikhbariyah Tv.

Few moments ago, the Syrian Arab Army soldiers have finally managed – in a swift operation – to take back the Sweida kidnapped women from the grip of ISIS.

“In a heroic and accurate operation, a group of soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army in Hamima area, north-east of Palmyra, engaged in direct contact with a group of terrorist organizations who kidnapped of women and children from the province of Suweida a few weeks ago. After a fierce battle, our heroes freed all 19 abductees.”

Military source said few moments ago.

During the month of October, the army units also freed six abductees, two women and four children of Swaida abductees who had recently been detained by an organization.

In July, the terrorist organization launched large-scale suicide attacks on villages in Sweida. More than 250 people were killed and wounded. More than 30 civilians, mostly women and children, were abducted from the province.

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