Breaking: ISIS captures key Euphrates town in eastern Syria after ripping open SDF lines (+ Video)

A powerful assault by ISIS (also known as ISIL) terrorists in eastern Syria against US-backed forces has resulted in the fall of a key town located on the Euphrates River to the terrorist group.

The town, Al-Bahra, had initially been seized from ISIS by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) late last year after a month-long battle. Now, once again, the terrorist group has come into possession of it.

Furthermore, there are reports that ISIS has continued its offensive further north up the Euphrates, entering Kharanij, an even larger town and former stronghold of the terrorist group prior to its capture by the SDF in December last year.

The jihadist attack, which has been ongoing for three whole days now, involved the use of elite infiltration (inghamasii) fighters, backed up heavy fire support assets including cannon-armed trucks, recoilless rifles and mortars. The use of such weaponry has been proven by video evidence.

There are reports that suicide vehicle bombs (abbreviated as SVBIED) may also have been used in conjunction with the jihadist assault. In any case, video evidence (released by ISIS media), suggests that the terrorist onslaught was assisted by bad weather conditions which limited the ability of Coalition warplanes to intervene.

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Minutes ago, opposition sources stated that US-led Coalition air-power had begun striking ISIL forces in Al-Bahra.


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