ISIS unleashes multiple assaults across eastern Syria using deadly tactic

Over the last two days, ISIS has launched a series of powerful assaults across eastern Syria against both Syrian pro-government forces and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Seemingly appearing out of nowhere in the vast expanse of the Syrian Desert, ISIS has struck at SDF positions and bases near the terrorist group’s stronghold of Hajin and further out towards the Al-Omar oil fields eastern Syria .

At the same time, the jihadist faction hurled itself at the positions and main staging areas of Syrian pro-government forces across Homs and Deir ez-Zour provinces, including at the strategic border city of Bu Kamal and the T-2 pumping station.

The combined forces involved in these ISIS attacks appears to number hundreds of militants who are backed-up by key fire support assets including anti-aircraft cannons, heavy machine guns, mortars and Bazooka-like recoilless rifles.

All of the heavy weapons used by ISIS are entirely self-propelled, being rigged on to the back of pickup trucks, allowing for a high-degree of mobility.

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Furthermore, the attacks utilize a key tactic that is highly characteristic of many ISIS operations – hit and run. The aim is to keep the larger, more powerful Syrian Army and SDF off-balance for as long as possible in order to prevent these forces from maintaining operational initiative and gathering the strength required to finish off the terrorist group’s last strongholds in the country.