Western weapons Discovered in Terrorists’ Bases in Syria

The Syrian army units found a large stockpile of ammunition and weapons, some manufactured in the western states, in their clean-up operation in Northern Hama, Eastern Sweida and Eastern Deir Ezzur on Thursday.

Field sources reported that machine-guns, Western-made missiles, sniper guns of Wall type, RPGs, missile-launchers, different types of artilleries and a large amount of ammunitions were discovered in the terrorists’ former strongholds in the three provinces.

The army soldiers also found a large number of weapons, artilleries and military equipment inside the terrorists’ hideouts in Dik al-Jin region in Eastern Homs, which were used for attacks on nearby areas.

A Russian daily reported on Wednesday that the US military forces continued supplying arms to the terrorists in Syria, , adding that most such shipments were arms and ammunition made in East European states.

The Russian-language Eurasia paper reported that Bulgaria is still the main source of providing weapons for terrorist groups in Syria.

The daily further said that the Bulgarian weapons have been handed over to the terrorists through third-party states, adding that the US has been involved in delivering the Bulgarian weapons to the terrorists in Syria.

The daily went on to say that the US imported $98mln Bulgaria-made arms in 2016 when terrorists in Syria found access to Grade Missiles and other unique weapons, including anti-tank cannons.

The daily further said that the US has also sent ammunition to terrorists in Syria, disclosing that Bulgaria has sold 23 tons of ammunition to a US company that is affiliated to the British Chemring Military Products Company in the current year.