US military supply SDF with new weaponry in northern Syria [PICTURES]

The US military has delivered new weaponry to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that stationed in ‘Manbij’ city, during the past few days.

The United States and the International Coalition had delivered Cougar armored vehicles to the Manbij military council (MMC) forces, with the aim of conducting joint security patrols between the coalition and the MMC.” Opposition media reported.

The sources said the joint security patrols came in the motto of building an internal security system supervised by the United States in the area of Manbij.

The agreement with the United States on Manbaj has been postponed, and did not die completely.
Turkish President Erdogan said on Thursday.

Turkey and the United States reached an agreement last June to pull out the ‘YPG’ Units from Manbij, with Turkish and US military entering the area to maintain security and stability around the city.

The agreement includes establishing US-Turkish patrols, removing the Kurdish “people protection units” to the east of the Euphrates, and the formation of a civilian council.

The Council of Manbij military (MMC) announced on July 15, the full withdrawal of the Kurdish protection units from Manbj, adding that “the withdrawal came after the completion of troops in training and military rehabilitation as per agreement with the coalition led by Washington.

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