US Vows Kurds to Delay Implementing Manbij Agreement with Turkey

Washington has promised the Kurds in the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo to delay implementing an agreement the US and Turkey have endorsed, Turkish news paper reported on Friday, adding that the US is also trying to convince militant groups to agree with a Kurdish federal government in Eastern Syria.

The Turkish-language Yeni Safak paper quoted Monzar al-Salal, head of Manbij’s former council in Eastern Aleppo, as reporting that the US forces have assured the Kurds that they must not be worried about Turkish possible attack on Manbij because the US slips away from implementing an agreement with the Turks.

It further said that the US has announced to the Kurds that it will delay implemention of the agreement with Turkey.

In the meantime, the US has held several meetings with militant groups in Syria to persuade them to agree with a Kurdish federal government in Eastern Syria.

Relevant reports on Wednesday said that the US-led coalition dispatched a fresh convoy of military vehicles to the town of Manbij in Northeastern Syria to counter Ankara’s threats about implementing the Manbij roadmap.

The US Army sent a convoy, including several vehicles, to Manbij from its base in Ein Issa in Northern Raqqa, the sources said, adding that the Manbij Military Council has kept its gunmen on alert and banned traffic of motorcycles in the region after tensions intensified in the town in recent days.

The US army sent the convoy to Manbij after Erdogan threatened that if the US army did not adhere to its commitments to remove the YPG from its positions in Manbij in a 90-day deadline, the Ankara forces would launch military operation in the region.