US-Backed Forces in Raqqa on Alert after Intensified Attacks by Unknown Gunmen

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Raqqa were put on alert on Wednesday after unknown assailants increased their attacks against them.

Media activists reported that unknown gunmen attacked an SDF checkpoint in the village of Ayed near al-Tabaqah in Western Raqqa, killing and severely wounding 5 of them.

They added that the SDF forces were immediately put on alert after the attack and detained several people as suspects.

Also, one of the SDF forces was injured after an unknown assailant fired at a vehicle carrying the SDF militia in Tal Abyadh street in Raqqa city.

The sources said that insecurities and attacks against the SDF have increased in regions occupied by them, adding that the SDF has erected at least 15 checkpoints from Seif al-Dolah street and February 23 street to al-Batani square in Northeastern parts of Raqqa’s center.

Popular uprisings against the Washington-backed SDF have been reported in Deir Ezzur and Raqqa provinces in the past few weeks.

“Villagers in Kadiran in Western Raqqa printed anti-SDF graffiti on the walls and hoisted the Syrian government flags,” sources said on Sunday, adding that the SDF later arrested a number of villagers.

Residents of Mahimidiyeh village in Northwestern Deir Ezzur also made a similar move, they added.

“The SDF has also put its gunmen on alert in the village of Sweidan as tensions with the villagers intensified.”

The sources said that two SDF militias were killed and several more were wounded after unknown parties detonated a bomb in the Northern deserts of Deir Ezzur.


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