Popular Uprising against US-Backed Militias Reported in Northeastern Syria Again

Vast popular uprising against security members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has been reported again in Northeastern Syria, Syrian state news agency reported on Saturday.

SANA reported that tens of Hasaka residents poured into the streets in al-Nashvah neighborhood in Hasaka city, demonstrating against SDF-affiliated Asayesh security forces that prevented the school goers from going to centers that are still teaching the Damascus government’s educational system.

It went on to say that the protestors opposed the Asayesh’s measures in preventing public vehicles, including taxis and school transportation vehicles, from transferring the school goers to government-affiliated educational centers in different neighborhoods in Hasaka city.

SANA further said that the Asayesh is planning to cancel the Damascus government’s educational system and imposed their own curriculum on the school goers, but have faced strong popular resistance.

It said that the SDF also continues arresting young men in Hasaka city to send them to military training camps.

Local sources reported earlier this month that the SDF militias stole power masts near the small town of Tal Hamis in Northeastern Hasaka and transferred them to an unknown location.

The sources further said that people in Tal Hamis took to the streets and opposed the SDF move that caused the SDF to keep gunmen on alert and arrested a number of protestors.

The SDF later arrested manager of Tal Hamis power company, accusing him of encouraging people to demonstrate.

In the meantime, the SDF released a sum of 17 ISIL inmates from a SDF-run jail in Northeastern Hasaka.


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