Senior US-Backed Militia Commander Killed in Bomb Blast in Northeastern Syria

Omar Muslim, a notorious commander of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), was killed in a bomb explosion by unknown raiders in Raqqa city on Saturday.

Omar Muslim, a senior SDF field commander, was killed after a bomb went off in Hazimah square North of Raqqa city.

Two aides of Muslim were also seriously injured in the blast.

In the meantime, unidentified attackers targeted the militias’ “sugar company checkpoint” North of Raqqa city, a local source said, adding that the attack triggered heavy fighting that left several SDF gunmen injured.

Meanwhile, media activists pointed to the continued attacks on the SDF in Raqqa during the last week, and said that a growing wave of insecurity has covered the region.

They further said that looting people’s assets and insecurity have enraged residents in Raqqa.

The Arabic-language Baladi news website affiliated to the militants reported earlier this month that SDF Commander Hamzeh Zabiyan was killed in a bomb blast near al-Omar oil field in Eastern Deir Ezzur.

It added that the bomb also killed and wounded 5 other militants who accompanied Zabiyan.

Also, other reports from Raqqa said that the SDF erected new checkpoints inside Raqqa city and put its forces on alert.

A number of SDF forces were also killed and wounded after a bomb went off in areas near the village of al-Jarniyeh in Northwestern Raqqa.

Popular uprisings against the Washington-backed SDF have been reported in Deir Ezzur and Raqqa provinces in the past few weeks.


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