Almost 100,000 Terrorists Killed in Russian Airstrikes in Syria in Last 3 Years

Almost 100,000 terrorists have been killed since the start of the Russian military operations in Syria 3 years ago, a former commander of the Russian Air Force said.

Viktor Bondarev, chairman of the defense and security committee of the Federation Council, upper house of the Russian parliament, and former commander of Russia’s aerospace forces was quoted by the Arabic-language website of RT as saying that almost 100,000 terrorists have been killed in the last three years of the war in Syria, adding that 85,000, out of the 100,000, were killed in the Russian air force’s combat sorties.

RT went on to say that tens of thousands of terrorists’ positions and installations have also been destroyed in the last three years, adding that the Russian air force has been pounding terrorists’ positions in the rocks and mountainous regions to pave the ground for rapid advances of the Syrian ground force.

He said earlier that Russia has lost 112 servicemen during its three-year-long operation in Syria.

“As of today, the losses of our armed forces in Syria stand at 112 people, with the crashes of An-26 and Il-20 accounting for about a half of them,” Viktor Bondarev told journalists in Moscow.

“Material losses include eight planes, seven helicopters and, probably, one or two armored personnel carriers and armored motorcars,” he added.

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