Syrians arrested in Germany after taking turn in raping 18 year old girl

Authorities in Germany have arrested a group of young Syrians and one German after they alternately raped a German girl in front of a nightclub.

The 18-year-old victim was on her way to a techno concert and enjoyed her time with her friend in the German city of Freiburg, the Bild newspaper reported on its website.

However, the girl ended her night as a victim of a collective assault of eight youths in front of the club where the ceremony was held on October 14, according to the newspaper.

Bild added that the police identified eight youths suspected of being behind the rape of the girl and detained them under investigation, noting that “young people are Syrian origin, including one German.”

A 21-year-old young man who arrived in Germany in 2014 raped the young girl in front of a nightclub between some trees and then invited his friends to alternately raping her.

Police believe the victim was unable to defend herself because she was on drug that might have dipped her drink during the party after a suspect gave it to her.

Investigations are ongoing to determine whether there are other drugs.

Germany is home to tens of thousands of refugees, including Syrian nationals.

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