Syrian authorities thwart smuggling attempt of archaeological pieces back to Roman era

The Syrian authorities in Daraa province, thwarted an attempt to smuggle ancient artifacts dating back to the Roman era, from the al-Tabariyat area in the western countryside of the province towards the Jordanian territory.

SANA news agency posted a video showing police officers seizing large amount of archaeological pieces after foiling smuggling attempt via a vehicle heading from Daraa to Jordan.

Speaking to SANA, Head of the Directorate of Daraa’s antiquities, Mohammed Kheirallah said that the directorate seized large and medium basaltic artifacts and a group of copper and small glass bottles of great historical value dating back to the Roman era, in a farm in al-Tabariyat area in Daraa western countryside along the Syrian-Jordanian border.

Kheirallah pointed out that archaeological pieces were prepared for smuggling through traders of antiquities, indicating that the persons were identified, arrested and brought to justice.

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