Syria signs agreement with Russian company to develop electrical system

The executive manager of the Syrian Ministry of Electricity said that an initial deal has been signed with the Russian company of ‘NBE’ in order to provide the Syrian electrical institutions with needed equipment of transmission network.

The executive manager statement comes following a recent visit to Russia, where he was briefed on the work of the Russian company in many areas as Moscow and southern of Ural.

He stressed that in the near future, the results of his visit to Russia will be clarified, including the supply of pieces and necessary electrical equipment to Syria.

The necessary materials include transformers of various capacities and voltages, network towers, glass and rubber insulators and high-voltage transformer substations (400-230-66) kV.

The Executive Director explained that the visit lasted for a week in order to view the equipment, control panels, protection for transformers, lines and points of connection, in addition to the towers of different types.

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